Prabha Ramaswamy
Chief Executive Officer

As CEO, Prabha provides visionary leadership and direction to drive the organization’s vision and mission. Guided by strong business acumen, resourcefulness, and an unwavering vision of what is possible, she makes decisions that shape the Chamber’s trajectory. Prabha’s visionary leadership propels the Chamber towards a future defined by success, collaboration, and meaningful impact for its membership and the wider business community. Through her active representation in external forums, collaboration with key stakeholders, and compelling presence in media engagements, Prabha reinforces the Chamber’s position as a leading advocate and catalyst for success in the Saskatchewan business landscape.

Virginia Wilkinson
Chief Operations Officer

Virginia ensures the smooth functioning of the Chamber by overseeing day-to-day operations and implementing efficient processes. Virginia’s strategic acumen enables her to navigate complex business landscapes, identify growth opportunities, and drive innovative solutions, ensuring the Chamber remains adaptable and forward-thinking. She is responsible for formulating and executing strategic initiatives that align with the Chamber’s goals. In addition to this, Virginia serves as the primary liaison for local chambers of commerce, actively building collaborative relationships to foster mutual growth and support.

Nicole Lamontagne
Executive Assistant to the CEO & Board

Nicole provides support to the CEO by efficiently managing their schedule, ensuring all meetings and appointments are organized and well-coordinated. In addition, she is responsible for coordinating board meetings, which includes planning logistics, preparing and distributing board documents, and ensuring compliance with relevant protocols. Her meticulous attention to detail and strong organizational skills contribute to the overall effectiveness of the CEO and the smooth functioning of the Chamber.

Josh Haugerud
Director of Membership

Josh drives the Chamber’s growth and sustainability efforts by spearheading strategic initiatives to attract and retain members. He develops innovative membership acquisition strategies, fosters strong relationships with existing members, and leverages data-driven insights to optimize engagement and satisfaction. Josh’s dedication not only contributes to the Chamber’s overall success but also supports the individual success of each member, positioning the Chamber as a valuable resource and advocate within the business community.

Josie Fries
Director of Marketing and Events

Josie is the driving force behind the Chamber’s brand success and memorable event experiences. From developing marketing strategies, to setting the vision for the Chamber’s signature events, Josie is responsible for ensuring that all connections with the Chamber make a lasting impact. In her role, Josie is also responsible the cultivation of sponsor relationships. Through her expertise in event management and marketing, Josie contributes to the Chamber’s overall success through fostering connections, promoting business excellence, and strengthening the local business community.

Melanie Metcalf
Events Manager

Melanie creates exceptional event experiences through thoughtful planning and seamless execution. Her role encompasses a diverse range of responsibilities essential to the Chamber’s event success. Her day-to-day involves coordinating logistics, managing vendor relationships, and keeping a pulse on the finer details that transform concepts into exceptional events. Melanie’s dedication facilitates meaningful connections among members and the broader business community, playing a pivotal role in elevating the Chamber’s mission through impactful events.

Jenna Watson
Indigenous Engagement Manager

Jenna is responsible for supporting Saskatchewan businesses that commit to the Chamber’s Indigenous Engagement Charter. She provides valuable assistance in developing comprehensive Indigenous engagement strategies, fostering cultural awareness, and promoting meaningful relationships with Indigenous communities. Jenna’s expertise and guidance empower businesses to navigate Indigenous engagement effectively, contributing to the overall success and inclusivity of the Chamber’s initiatives.

Clare Britz
Programs and Admin Coordinator

Clare provides essential administrative support to ensure the smooth functioning of the office. Her responsibilities encompass a wide range of tasks, including event administration, coordinating committee meetings, processing membership applications, and other administrative duties. Clare’s commitment to delivering high-quality support plays a vital role in maintaining the efficiency and effectiveness of the Chamber’s operations, ultimately contributing to its overall success in serving its members and fostering a thriving business community.

Kristin McKee
Research & Policy Consultant

Kristin contributes to the research and development of impactful policies that address pertinent business issues in Saskatchewan. With a keen focus on staying informed and proactive, Kristin’s expertise supports the Chamber’s ability to advocate effectively for the interests of its members. By providing valuable insights on the Chamber’s policy work, Kristin contributes to creating an environment that fosters growth, innovation, and success for businesses across the region.

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