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September 21, 2024 | Saskatoon, SK

The ABEX Awards

Since 1984, the ABEX awards have been bringing together Saskatchewan’s most accomplished businesses for an evening of extravagance and celebration.

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April 30, 2024 | Regina, SK

Political Forum

Political Forum is an exclusive, member-only event that has been serving as a connector between members and our province’s elected officials since 1977.

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May 7, 2024 | regina, SK

Annual General Meeting

The SCC’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) provides members with the opportunity to learn, understand the Chamber’s upcoming priorities, and network with Saskatchewan businesses.

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May 6 & 7, 2024 | Regina, SK

Food, Fuel, Fertilizer Global Summit

The Food, Fuel, Fertilizer Summit, now in its second year, attracts businesses and business leaders from across Canada. The goal? To collaborate on innovative strategies to meet the global demand for resources, and in the long run, build a stronger Canada.

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June 6, 2024 | Regina, SK

Deputy Minister Breakfast

The Deputy Minister’s Breakfast, similar to the Chair’s Invitational, serves as a connector between the Chamber membership, deputy ministers and crown corporation CEO’s.

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TBD for 2024 | Regina, SK

The Chair’s Invitational Dinner

The Chair’s Invitational Dinner is an annual members-only event that provides an opportunity for business leaders to network with deputy ministers, crown corporation CEOs, and the Chamber’s board of directors.

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October 29, 2024 | Saskatoon, SK

PowerUp Summit

The ‘PowerUp Summit: Growth Strategies for Saskatchewan Businesses’, is where entrepreneurs and business leaders come together to explore the possibilities of growing and scaling their small and medium-sized businesses.

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