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Survey Results

Supply Chain Issues Survey Results

February 4, 2022

The Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce conducted an online survey on supply chain issues through the InputSask business insight platform in late January. The findings reflect the opinions of 115 business leaders. Although representatives from many industries completed the survey, the top three industries were retail trade (17%), professional, scientific and technical services (14%) and manufacturing (11%). Lately, general supply chain issues were being heard everywhere and we wanted to dig a bit deeper.

We focused on where the issues are in the supply chain and what the impacts are on businesses in Saskatchewan. The areas in the supply chain with the most issues include inbound logistics (42%), goods in warehouse (35%), and raw materials (34%). These are the three earliest steps in the supply chain, which would result in many downstream affects. The greatest supply chain impacts include cost increases of materials (62%), inability to receive materials (55%), cost increases to products (51%), and extended project timelines (46%). Only 9% of respondents replied that their business has not been impacted at all by the current supply chain issues. Finally, 71% of respondents said that supply chain issues have gotten worse over the past year. The cost of business has increased and the ongoing global supply chain issues further complicate coordination and timelines.

There are no easy and quick fixes for these supply chain issues. The Government of Canada’s 2021 budget pledged $1.9 billion over four years to recapitalise the National Trade Corridor Fund. Industry must be involved in developing a stronger, more resilient system that will ultimately aid our post-pandemic economic recovery.

If you have specific examples of how supply chain issues have impacted your business, please reach out to Mykensie Kendrick, Director of Research and Policy Development:

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