Initial Program Requirements

Develop an Indigenous Engagement Strategy

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With guidance from the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce, develop a written Indigenous Engagement Strategy with clearly defined goals. The strategy should consider statements or actions on the following:

  • Employment
  • Governance or leadership structure
  • Community investment
  • Education
  • Procurement models
  • Culture of your organization
  • Relationships – business and community
  • Overall commitment to reconciliation
  • Resources
  • Partnerships and alliances
  • Key performance indicators

Educate the Workplace on Indigenous History and Culture

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Implement a plan to educate your workforce through specific training courses on Indigenous history and culture that will create an organizational culture where all levels of the organization are working toward developing positive relationships.
Numerous organizations deliver this type of training, a list can be found in your Indigenous Engagement Charter Resource Guide.
Arrange Indigenous Engagement/Awareness Training at all levels of your organization.
Targets will be set by the participating organization, but some suggested goals are included below:
 Year 1: 25% of staff
 Year 2: 50% of staff
 Year 3: 75% of staff
New staff should receive the training within the first year of hiring.

Engage Indigenous People Through Hiring

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To succeed, businesses must commit to an inclusive and diverse workforce that is representative of Saskatchewan’s population. The Indigenous population is growing quickly in Saskatchewan, and it is in the interest of shareholders, employees, and the communities in which you operate to increase Indigenous representation in your operations. In order to achieve the full potential, Saskatchewan businesses must embrace the talents of all people in the community.

Participating businesses must establish targets to increase representation of Indigenous peoples as employees in their operations. Charter participants will create and enforce policies and procedures regarding hiring Indigenous Peoples. Each participating business will be provided with resources to develop policy and procedures as well as resources to assist with achieving hiring goals. An example of this element of your Indigenous Engagement plan may be the hiring and retention of a certain percentage of employees who self-identify as Indigenous. It may also consist of promoting from within or providing training to secure more meaningful employment.

Implement Procurement Practices, Actions, and Partnerships

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Indigenous-owned businesses benefit by having opportunities to build and grow their operations the same as any other Saskatchewan business. This requires that participating businesses in the Indigenous Engagement Charter be active in their efforts to procure supplies services and/or establish partnerships and sub-contract using Indigenous-owned businesses. This requires that participating businesses in the Indigenous Engagement Charter be active in their efforts to procure supplies services and/or establish partnerships and sub-contract using Indigenous-owned businesses.

Three quarters of Canadians believe supporting Indigenous businesses is an important pathway to healing Canada’s relationship with First Nations, Inuit and Métis people. (2017 Sodexo Canada Indigenous Business Survey) And 81% agree that Canadian Corporations should include Indigenous owned and operated businesses in their supplier networks whenever possible.

Charter Signatories must set targets to promote and increase supplier diversity in their operations. Considerations for increasing supplier diversity include:

  • Indigenous sub-contracting
  • Incentivizing/reward suppliers and contractors that have Indigenous strategies
  • Joint ventures with Indigenous communities
  • Joint ventures with independently owned Indigenous businesses
  • Procure supplies and services from businesses listed in the Indigenous Engagement Resource Guide.

Reinforce Relationships and Support Indigenous Communities Through Community Involvement

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Saskatchewan businesses, in order to reinforce or establish relationships and to achieve the trust and support of the surrounding Indigenous communities must endeavor to support and make a difference in those communities. Reinforcing relationships means operating in a truthful and transparent way, but also may include strategic
community investments that deliver long-term benefits to the community.

As part of their Indigenous Engagement strategy, charter participants are encouraged to provide support for initiatives that benefit and enhance the surrounding Indigenous communities. Areas will be identified by signatories based on their priorities and capacity but could include education, community building, sport, mentorship programs, and sponsorship of community or cultural events. Support may include dollars spent, in-kind support, attendance at Indigenous events and staff volunteer hours.

Provide Clear and Honest Reporting of All Actions Undertaken in the Indigenous Engagement Charter Program

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The Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce will develop an annual reporting process so progress can be easily measured. It is not enough just to want to make a difference – it is important to measure progress, while recognizing that progress is not always a direct line from A to B.

Charter Signatories must agree to participate in the annual reporting process and also should encourage employees to complete the annual Culture and Attitudes survey.

Program Tools and Annual Reporting
Once a company signs the Indigenous Engagement Charter, the SCC Indigenous Engagement Charter staff person will assist the signatory in the development of their Indigenous engagement strategy within 60 days of signing.

The Indigenous Engagement Charter Resource Guide
This resource guide will be provided to Charter signatories. It will include an Indigenous Engagement strategy guide; links to a directory of Indigenous-owned businesses; hiring resources; training opportunities; measurement tools and more.

Measuring Impact
The hiring and retention progress of Charter signatories will be measured, and the overall impact will be reported and celebrated.

Annual Charter Celebration
An Annual Celebration will be planned to bring participating organizations and new signing members together to recognize success and share unique and innovative approaches.

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