Saskatchewan is a great place to live, work, and invest, but to reach its full potential, there’s an important opportunity we must embrace: Involving Indigenous Peoples in the economy.

In his 2011 report, Professor Eric Howe from the University of Saskatchewan highlighted the value of closing the gap in Indigenous education and helping the Saskatchewan Indigenous population achieve economic equality, estimating it as a $90 billion opportunity. This is a key focus for Saskatchewan’s future. To address it, the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce formed a task force to research solutions. From this launched the Indigenous Engagement Charter, tailor-made for Saskatchewan businesses.

The Charter serves as a roadmap, equipping businesses with the tools to foster engagement and showcases the role businesses must play in reconciliation.

Indigenous Engagement Charter Initiatives

  1. Sign the Indigenous Engagement Charter: By becoming a Charter Signatory, your organization signals your commitment to Indigenous Engagement, and we provide you with needed support to reach your metrics. View the Charter here (PDF). Ready to sign? Click here to apply.
  2. Browse the Indigenous Business Directory: The Directory boosts Indigenous business involvement in Saskatchewan’s supply chain, fostering greater engagement between businesses across Saskatchewan and our province’s Indigenous-owned businesses. View the Directory here.
  3. Attend Indigenous Awareness Training: These in-person workshops are designed to inform members of the business community about the culture and history of Indigenous peoples in Saskatchewan. Current courses range from Level 1 to Level 2 with advanced courses offering an in-depth look at HR practices and cultural traditions. Learn more here.
  4. Become an Investor: As an Indigenous Engagement Investor, you provide critical funding to support the ongoing development of the Indigenous Engagement Charter. Contact us to learn more about opportunities. 
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The information contained on this page and within the Indigenous Engagement Directory includes original content as well as content using a variety of sources. Special thanks to the Indigenous Engagement Task Force participants, Nutrien, Indigenous Services Canada, Indigenous Works, Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business, and several others. Please feel free to use the information contained here to advance the Indigenous Engagement strategy for your business.

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