MEDIA RELEASE: Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce Announces Provincial Election Policy Pillars

September 21, 2020


Regina, SK – In preparation for the upcoming Saskatchewan provincial election, the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce (SCC) has finalized its election policy pillars. The pillars align with following goals: to inform Chamber members of key issues of business for this election, to put business priorities in front of political parties, and to raise the profile of these issues in the public.

“Members of the Saskatchewan business community are facing critical issues that need to be recognized and addressed by our government and the public. We’re determined to get these issues and recommendations in front of our elected officials to influence change for the business community at a time when it’s desperately needed,” said Steve McLellan, CEO of the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce.

The SCC Policy Pillars for the 2020 provincial election are centered around the theme of enabling business recovery and resilience as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing economic slowdown. In addition to viewing policy through the lens of business recovery and resilience, the policy recommendations are also informed by key themes outlined in the current SCC Strategic Plan, along with specific actions identified in the Province’s Saskatchewan Growth Plan 2030. The policy recommendations are grouped under the following pillars:

1. Economic Recovery
2. Financial Literacy
3. Energy Efficiency and the Low Carbon Economy
4. Labour Markets
5. Trade Diversification and Supply Chain Resilience
6. Government Procurement
7. Indigenous Engagement

To learn more about our policy pillars and recommendations to government, please visit: SCC Provincial Election Policy Pillars.

Over the following weeks leading up the election, the SCC will release its detailed election strategy as well as a series of videos featuring local business leaders highlighting the importance of these pillars and the corresponding recommendations to government.


The Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce serves as the voice of business and represents the interests of over 10,000 individual businesses, industry associations, and local chambers across the province through its chamber network. Information on the provincial election strategy and all other business issues can be found at or @SaskChamber on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.


Steve McLellan
CEO, Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce

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