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Welcome, Signatories! Below, you’ll find a diverse range of samples, educational materials, and other resources from various organizations, all aimed at enhancing your understanding of Indigenous engagement and fostering meaningful relationships with Indigenous communities. Whether you’re looking to refine your engagement strategy, explore best practices, or gain insights from successful case studies, this resource hub is here to guide you towards a more inclusive and sustainable future. We invite you to explore, learn, and leverage these resources to further strengthen your commitment to the Indigenous Engagement Charter.

Need a refresher on the Indigenous Engagement Charter and its principles? Find the Charter here.

As a valued signatory of our Indigenous Engagement Charter, you gain exclusive access to the ‘Indigenous Engagement Charter Signatory’ badge. Showcase your commitment to Indigenous engagement by downloading and incorporating this badge into your e-signature, website, business cards, store window, or any other platform to display your dedication to fostering meaningful relationships with Indigenous communities.

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Jenna Watson

Indigenous Engagement Manager


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