Gowns, Face Masks, and Face Shields

ICON Shoes – cloth gowns, caps and masks Contact: Perry Wirachowsky, 403-888-4112 Web Page: www.iconshoes.ca

Email: wire9654@gmail.com

Wave of the Future 3D – face shields and masks Contact: Randy Janes, 306-241-4919
Web Page: www.waveofthefuture3d.com/ Email: waveofthefuture3d@outlook.com

Shear Fabrication – face shields Contact: 306-978-4727
Web Page: www.shearfabrication.com/

Email: shearfab@sasktel.net

Sleek Signs – face shields
Contact: 306-359-7709
Web Page: www.sleeksigns.com/ or www.secondbarrier.com/ Email: sales@sleeksigns.com

Med PPE Canada
Contact email:
Contact phone:
1 866 834 1864

Gloves and Face Masks

MMK Supply – gloves, hand sanitizer, disinfectant, masks Contact: Mike, 306-281-8544
Web Page: www.mmksupply.ca/
Email: sales@mmksupply.com

Denson Commercial Food Equipment – gloves, hand sanitizer, disinfectant, masks Contact: Saskatoon: 306- 516-0084, Regina: 306-559-4585. Yorkton: 306- 782-2900 Web Page: www.densoncfe.com/
Email: customer.service@densoncfe.com

Hbi Office Supply – hand sanitizer, masks, face shields, safety glasses Contact: Brennan Marcoux, 306-664-8877
Web Page: www.hbiop.com
Email: brennm@hbiop.com or justine@hbiop.com

Sask Optometric Assoc. – gloves (XL only) Contact: Shelia in Saskatoon at 306-652-2069 Website: www.optometrists.sk.ca/
Email: ed@saosk.ca

PPE Masks and Gloves for Dentistry

Dental Deals Canada – gloves, masks, hand sanitizer, disinfectant, gowns, face shields Contact: 1-888-416-4668
Website: www.dentaldealscanada.ca
Email: sales@dentaldealscanada.ca or support@dentaldealscanada.ca

Dental Market – masks, sanitizer, gloves, disinfectant, personal covers/gowns, face shields Contact: 1-800-494-7072
Web Page: www.thedentalmarket.ca

Canadian Dental Supply – masks, sanitizer, gloves, disinfectant, gowns, face shields Contact: 1-866-392-3368
Web page: – www.canadian-dental-supplies.myshopify.com
Email: info@canadiandentalsupplies.ca

EMRN – masks, sanitizer, gloves, disinfectant, gowns, face shields Contact: 1-800-663-7828
Web Page: www.emrn.ca/en/

Plastic Barriers for Cashiers

Davey Plastics – plastic barriers for the businesses (i.e. grocery stores) Contact: Lonnie Maiers, 306 789-8775
Web Page: www.daveyplastics.ca/
Email: daveyplastics@sasktel.net

Century Glass Ltd. – protective plastic barriers for grocery stores etc. Contact: Greg Thomas, 306 728-2211
Web Page: www.centuryglassltd.com/contact-us
Email: centuryglassltd@sasktel.net

Med PPE Canada
Contact email:
Contact phone:
1 866 834 1864

Sanitizers and Cleaning Supplies for Business

Enviroway – Cleaning supplies for hospitals and all sanitizers for cleaning Contact: Bob Behari, 306-244-7727
Web Page: www.enviroway.ca/
Email: bbehari@cbrg.ca

Bandits Distilling – Surface Sanitizer
Contact: Scott Petersmeyer , 306-842-4448 / 306-559-4753 – Web Page: www.banditsdistilling.ca/
Email: bandits@sasktel.net or sales@banditsdistilling.ca

Chemtec Chemicals Ltd – household cleaning products and sanitizers Contact: Scott Gelowitz, 306-543-1788
Web Page: www.sparkel.ca
Email: chem.t@sasktel.net

Med PPE Canada
Contact email:
Contact phone:
1 866 834 1864

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