Journey: Saskatchewan’s History of Entrepreneurship, Business and Community

Saskatchewan has a strong history of entrepreneurship, successful business practices, and continues to understand the importance of community and business connections.

“Journey” welcomes newcomer entrepreneurs and immigrant business owners to Saskatchewan—encouraginh them to grow their business and stay in the province long-term.

This video also allows for subtitles in a variety of languages including Tagalog, Mandarin, Urdu, Punjabi, Vietnamese, Spanish, Russian and Arabic.

The Training and Employment Network (TEN)

This video was produced as part of the Training and Employment Network (TEN) program.

The TEN works with chambers across Saskatchewan to identify gaps in regional labour markets and create opportunities for employers and workers in response to the COVID-19 crisis by:

  • Providing clear and locally coordinated pathways for workers to be identified;
  • Presenting learning opportunities for employers and workers; and
  • Targeting underrepresented groups including Indigenous peoples, women, gig workers, youth workers (ages 18-24), students (under 18), and newcomers (in Canada less than 5 years).

Lean About TEN



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