In his 2011 report, University of Saskatchewan Professor Eric Howe reported that the value, beyond any social or moral purpose, of bridging the Indigenous education gap and bringing the Saskatchewan Indigenous population to the same economic level as the broader population is a $90 billion opportunity. There is little doubt that this is the most important economic opportunity on Saskatchewan’s horizon. To that end, the SCC formed a Task Force in January 2019 that will result in an Indigenous Engagement Charter specifically designed for Saskatchewan business.

The Indigenous Engagement Charter will support the important work and Calls to Action put forth in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s 2015 report. The Charter mission will be twofold, it will work as a roadmap to provide businesses with tools to achieve engagement and it will also assist the business community in demonstrating the role it must play in reconciliation.

Saskatchewan businesses will sign on to the charter signifying they will commit to the following:

  1. Develop an internal Indigenous engagement strategy;
  2. Educate their workplace on Indigenous history and culture through training;
  3. Enhance HR practices to attract, hire and retain more indigenous workers;
  4. Implement procurement practices, actions and partnerships;
  5. Reinforce relationships and support Indigenous communities through community involvement; and
  6. Provide clear reporting of all actions undertaken in the Indigenous Engagement Charter Program.

The Saskatchewan Chamber recognizes that not all businesses have the required resources to develop, implement and measure an Indigenous engagement strategy, as such, Charter signatories will be provided with the resources required to fulfill their engagement strategy.

Co-Chairs: Thomas Benjoe, FHQ Developments
Karen Birss, ScotiaBank

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