Environment Committee

The SCC Environment Committee was formed in 2002 and meets on a regular basis between September and June.

The Committee’s purpose is to address issues arising from environmental policy that affects business operations in Saskatchewan. The Committee enjoys an ongoing relationship with the Ministry of Environment and regularly interacts with senior government officials.

Read the Environment Committee’s 2021-2022 Priorities here.


Saskatchewan Labour Market Council (SLMC)

The Saskatchewan Labour Market Council (SLMC) is a follow up to the Saskatchewan Labour Market Task Force, a partnership between the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Economy that involved approximately 15 key stakeholders.

The SLMC ensures that the province has a place where business, sector associations, labour, training institutions and government can come together to share progress in a variety of programs and initiatives around the labour market. The Council meets regularly between September and June.

Read more on SLMC’s mandate here.

Water Council for Saskatchewan

The Water Council for Saskatchewan was formed in February 2017 to provide a common table for water experts to gather around. The Council meets regularly between September and June.

To date, the Council has achieved:

  • The creation of a proposal for a Water Hub to collect all available data from all sources on Saskatchewan’s water and to create analytical processes and access protocols for its use by interested parties.
  • Held regular meetings of the Water Council with 15-20 agencies and businesses regularly participating.
  • Hosted a Stakeholder Meeting in March 2018 with 40 participants, including Federal and Provincial government representatives plus business and agencies.

Read more on the Water Council’s mandate here.

Task Forces

Indigenous Engagement Charter Task Force

The SCC formed the Indigenous Engagement Charter Task Force in January 2019 that will result in an Indigenous Engagement Charter specifically designed for Saskatchewan business.

Learn more.

Competitiveness Study Ad-Hoc Expert Advisory Committee

The committee is comprised of prominent and respected business thinkers known to the Saskatchewan Chamber Network in order to lend legitimacy to the policy recommendations developed and to attract sponsorship dollars.

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