Overall business productivity is based upon an organization’s ability to successfully execute an overall strategy, while simultaneously improving its output and creating a better workplace. Businesses need engaged and highly productive employees that are able to execute on goals that are aligned with the businesses’ overall strategic objectives. If execution is the key to success, then a business needs to take steps to improve its ability to identify and carry out the highest priority activities

Even though improving our immigration system, better engaging Saskatchewan’s Aboriginal people in the workforce, and additional workforce retention strategies are all helping to alleviate the labour shortage that Saskatchewan businesses are facing, we still need to look at making additional improvements to how productive our existing employees are.

These improvements can include the adoption of new technology in workplaces, providing additional training to enhance the skills that they already have,eliminating “busy work” that employees are doing which doesn’t really add any value to customers or the public, implementing process improvement frameworks like LEAN or Six Sigma, or a variety of other solutions.

The labour shortage is going to be an issue for Saskatchewan’s business community for quite a long time, so that is why the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce has placed a focus on this important topic.

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