Policy Resolutions

Revised Policy Resolutions open for Member Feedback

Member comment on SCC Policy Resolutions is an integral part in ensuring our members opinions are included.

Please send your comments to Joshua Kurkjian before 15 August:

[email protected]

There are 3 policy resolutions that have been created by the SCC Environment Committee, and 3 policy resolutions by the Youth, Education and Training Committee, all of which are open for member comments.

Please follow the links to view the Environment Committee policy resolution documents:
- Canadian Air Quality Management System
- Energy Efficiency Strategy
- Flood Plain Zoning and Enforcement 
- Saskatchewan Environmental Management Model and Code

Please follow the links to view the Youth, Education, and Training Committee policy resolution documents:
- Improving the K-12 Education System
- Integrating Entrepreneurship into the Public School System
- Essential Skills Training for Employment Readiness and Retention

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