Criteria for Policy Submissions

Policy submissions are accepted all year round and will be ratified by the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors periodically.
  • Does the policy resolution focus on an issue that affects all Saskatchewan businesses?
  • Does the resolution recommend that immediate action be taken by a government, an institution, or other stakeholder to help fix the issue?
  • Is the issue important enough to have the Saskatchewan Chamber dedicate time and resources toward fixing it, even if it might mean forgoing other important issues?
  • Are the issues and recommendations in the resolution compatible with the values of the Saskatchewan Chamber? View our organization's values.
  • Is the resolution factual, detailed, and complete?
In short, is it a matter of sufficient importance that community and business leaders from across Saskatchewan would be willing to spend their time advocating for it?
Each Policy Resolution:
  • can be a maximum of 3 pages in length
  • must be written in 12 point, Arial font
  • must have a title that describes the issue
  • must contain a summary of the issue
  • must ensure that the facts are well researched and accurate
  • must include one or more specific recommendations that require action
Resolutions should be submitted to [email protected].