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The Saskatchewan Chamber is a highly specialized government relations consultant and an officially registered lobbyist for business. Working for a membership including all sizes of individual business firms, local chamber of commerces and a number of provincial business and professional associations, the Saskatchewan Chamber brings the ideas of business members to the attention of elected politicians and senior government officials on a regular basis.

Traditionally, the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce works with the federation of local Chambers throughout the province, approximately 70 organizations, and with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce at the national level.

Representing a broad spectrum of community life in Saskatchewan, the Saskatchewan Chamber is uniquely equipped to develop policies that accurately reflect the views of community and business leaders in the interest of all society.

Our Vision:

The voice of Saskatchewan business, making Saskatchewan the best place to live, work, and invest.

Our Mission:

To strengthen Saskatchewan's business community and competitive enterprise system for an improved quality of life.

Fundamental Principles of the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce:

We support:

  • The free exchange of goods and opinions in open markets, and the right to associate and make contracts to advance this exchange
  • A democratic government and the right of each person and legal entity to liberty and equality before the law
  • Individual success as a foundation for community success

Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce Values:

We believe in:
  • Fair, balanced, and competitive labour market regulation that encourages full participation, innovation, productivity, mobility and investment in human capital.
  • Economic development and the growth of the private sector in the province for increased wealth creation.
  • Clear, concise and sensible regulations for business.
  • Simplicity, clarity, and accountability in taxation, using a regime that encourages the efficient use of resources.
  • A provincial policy framework that encourages entrepreneurs and attracts capital investment.
  • Accountability, transparency, efficiency, prudence and cost-effectiveness in government.
  • The development of a diverse, stable and skilled workforce for current and future needs.
  • That business is a primary stakeholder in all forms of education, and that lifelong learning is the basis of a strong workforce and vibrant community
We will be:
  • A respected, unbiased, and fact-based advocate for collective business interests.
  • Fiscally responsible and responsive to our members' and partners' investments.
  • Forward thinking and progressive in our outlook and actions.

Key Strategic Themes:

  • Improve Policy Development - to recognize and respond to priority issues for business
  • Strengthen the Chamber Network - to leverage our brand to improve the effectiveness of all Chambers
  • Increase Membership - to position the Saskatchewan Chamber as the provincial business organization of choice for Saskatchewan businesses to belong to
  • Improve Sustainability - to build stronger non-dues revenues and increase fiscal and human resource capacity

Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce Bylaws

Click here to read the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce Bylaws.


On July 21, 1920, the Saskatchewan Associated Board of Trade (SABT) was formed as a vehicle to unite the energies of business to build a stronger economy in the province. The original SABT could never have envisioned how important it would become to the growth of private enterprise in Saskatchewan.

The Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce’s membership now includes almost 1,000 businesses, and 80 Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade who themselves have more than 10,000 members.

The Chamber network organizes and directs the energies of those who believe that a community worth living in, is a community worth improving. It enables members to accomplish collectively what could not be done individually. The principle of working together on matters of mutual interest is the foundation of the Chamber organization, whether it be at the local, provincial or national level.

At present, the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce is operated by a Board of Directors which consists of 13 business leaders and has a staff of nine.