Estimated Return On Investment for Sask Chamber members  Annual Savings
 Reduction in the Small Business Tax Rate from 4.5% to 2%  $80 million
 Reduction in Education Property Tax for commercial / industrial property   $66 million
 Corporate Income Tax rate reduction from 13% to 12%  $80.8 million
 Elimination of the general Corporate Capital Tax  $120 million
 Increase in the Small Business Tax Threshold  $40 million
 Plus: Planned reduction of the Corporate Income Tax rate from 12% to 10%  $161.6 million
 Total estimated return for Saskatchewan Businesses  $386.8 million
 Estimated return per Saskatchewan private sector employee to 2015  $860.00 saved
 per employee  

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(Your annual ROI from your Sask Chamber membership)
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We have been improving the business environment in Saskatchewan for over 80 years and this is just a snapshot of what we have done for you lately, and what has been committed to for the coming years. Your continued support makes this possible.

Our work on your behalf isn't done yet. We are currently working hard to get the rest of our proposed multi-year comprehensive tax reform plan completely implemented.