The Saskatchewan Employment Act now includes extended leave for victims of interpersonal violence, with 5 days of paid leave and 5 days of unpaid leave. The rationale for the unpaid leave provision was to help victims flee abusive situations and seek appropriate support services. Saskatchewan has the highest rate of police-reported intimate partner violence in the country.


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Intimate Partner Violence and the Workplace: A Saskatchewan Study

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SK Employers Soon Required to Provide Paid Leave for Victims of Interpersonal Violence

Resources provided by Amy Gibson, labour and employment lawyer with MLT Aikins LLP

Make it our Business Training – Interpersonal Violence and the Workplace

The Make It Our Business program provides information to engage employers and other workplace stakeholders to prevent workplace domestic violence, to support employees at risk of or currently experiencing domestic violence, and to improve workplace health and safety. The program outlines how employers, supervisors, managers, human resources professionals, security personnel, union representatives, and co-workers can recognize abusive relationships, respond to domestic violence, and refer victims and abusers to supports that offer help.

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