Jolene Watson’s Communication Styles, Team Dynamics & Stress Management Workshop

April 18, 2022

We recently sat down with Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce member Jolene Watson, Professional Speaker & Trainer, MBTI® Certified Practitioner, and President of Clarity Coaching & Development, to learn about her exciting new Communication Styles, Team Dynamics & Stress Management Workshop that she is currently offering.

Tell us about who you are and the work that you do with Clarity Coaching & Development.

I am a professional speaker, trainer, and Myers-Briggs® personality expert. I offer corporate team building workshops, goal setting/vision boarding training, career development coaching, webinars, and keynote speeches at conferences across the province and country. I also teach at four Saskatchewan business schools.


What does your Communications Styles, Team Dynamics & Stress Management Workshop offer and why did you develop it?

This course was designed with the pandemic in mind in terms of stress management, of course, but more importantly, the personality insights behind team dynamics.

It is an eight-hour course, which I’m currently offering over one day or two half days – and because my courses are Myers-Briggs® based, they are often approved for industry continuing education industry credits!


Tell us about the Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator – how does the process of profiling someone work?

Eighty-eight percent of Fortune 100 companies use Myers-Briggs® to be successful. Psychometrics Canada Ltd. owns Myers-Briggs®, and I am a certified practitioner.

The Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator is based on Jungian psychology – a lot of research has gone into it, as it has been around for over 60 years.

My course focuses on these three areas:

  1. Career development
  2. Stress management
  3. Communication skills

As a Myers-Briggs® Certified Practitioner, I have access to purchase reports from Psychometrics Canada Ltd. based on customized questionnaires that my clients fill out in advance. It is in-depth and not the same as simply finding your profile on a free website!


Why is Myers-Briggs® an effective way to help clients become aware of their communication style?

Myers-Briggs® is a tool to help people discover their natural strengths and preferences.

There are four preference areas:

  1. Extroversion or introversion – this is how we gain energy.
  2. Sensing or intuition – this is how we gather information and what we trust.
  3. Thinking or feeling – this is how we make decisions.
  4. Judging or perceiving – this is based on our lifestyle outside of work

If you can better understand others, it’s so much easier to adapt to their communication styles which results in effective communication. I am passionate about helping my clients learn the platinum rule, which is to “treat people the way they want to be treated” as opposed to the golden rule – “treat others the way you want to be treated.”

I think that’s a really important aspect because many people have never heard of the platinum rule!


Who should take this workshop?

I offer private, public, or corporate sessions. My preference is to do corporate sessions due to the customization aspect for teams.

This workshop is for all levels, including management. I highly recommend that leaders be involved with their team because understanding each other is extremely important when it comes to meeting etiquette, understanding communication styles, and overall effectiveness of the team.


There are two modules in your workshop – what does Module 1: Communication Styles, Team Dynamics & Stress Management Workshop cover?

 Module 1 focuses on communication styles, team dynamics, preferences, and team meeting etiquette (online or in-person) from introversion and extroversion perspectives.

Networking skills will also be included in terms of building rapport with others (internally and externally).

And finally, time management will be covered in terms of increasing productivity.

Each participant will receive a 17-page Step II report that delves into the 20 behavioural facets within their type; behavioural adaptation will be discussed in terms of communication styles and goal setting.


Why is it important for people to learn how to identify and understand your own communication style and communication styles within one’s organization?

It’s an important skill in terms of respecting other people’s strengths and preferences. If two people are willing to adapt, that is the best form of effective communication. It also helps define your natural strengths.


Why is it important to learn how to be more effective at meetings and networking?

I receive 92% of my clients from networking in Saskatchewan.

Creating connections is the key to success in this province; people want to shake your hand and they want to meet you. It’s important to support local and build long-lasting relationships with people in your community.


What does Module 2: Exploring Stress & Change Management Strategies cover?

Did you know that people flip their personality type under great amounts of stress?

During the pandemic, there have been high levels of stress – both acute and chronic. I became certified in multiple mental health courses and combined that knowledge into my current Exploring Stress and Change Management module to better help my clients overcome these stressors and triggers.

Each participant will receive a customized stress management report that is specific to their type. I will also explore change management tools from a leadership and team perspective.

I also recently became a certified emotions centred coach; emotional regulation is also important as a stress management technique and coping mechanism.


Why is it important for people to learn how to manage stress and change, especially now?

It’s really understanding the intrinsic strengths of your team and helping them work on those.

‘The Great Resignation’ is something that a lot of people are talking about. During the last two years, career development has doubled in importance; this is based on research from Psychometrics Canada Ltd.

Knowing your natural strengths from a personality insight perspective can truly help your employees flourish in their roles and find a niche that really fits.

Leaders are worried about people leaving their jobs and this is valid. When you focus on career development, you’re more likely to have that loyalty and retain your team members.


How can people learn more about you and your workshop? Where can they sign up?

If you’re interested in my workshop, contact me to get a customized proposal.

Call: (306) 220 0739



Via LinkedIn: 

This workshop is also approved for the Government of Saskatchewan’s Reskill Saskatchewan Training Subsidy for up to $5,000. While there is no deadline to access this funding, there is a limited amount of funding in the program. I encourage you to apply now!

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