As the Government of Saskatchewan begins to roll out its plans for a gradual reopening of the economy, businesses are seeking out best-practice guidance and practical steps on how to transition back into the workplace. 

Every workplace is unique and will need a customised set of guidelines. To achieve this, consider the following steps:

  1. Create a COVID-19 Team in your workplace to create guidelines and provide support
  2. Prepare you workplace with guidelines
  3. Educate your employees
  4. Inform your clients/customers
  5. Implement guidelines for doing business

Resources from the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce and industry sector organisations are available on this page.

COVID-19: Re-Opening the Economy

General and Industry-Specific Resources Tips and Advice

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The Canadian Business Resilience Network has created has tools and links to help employers and employees continue to operate in accordance with public health guidelines. Employers are implementing strategies to protect their workforce from the COVID-19 virus while endeavouring to operate their business. Find general, and industry-specific resources here.

The Government of Canada has also made a number of resources available to help individuals and businesses cope with the COVID-19 outbreak here.

The Government of Saskatchewan has provided further details on the Re-Open Saskatchewan Plan. Full details of the Re-Open Saskatchewan Plan, including all of the updates, are available here.

In order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 as The Re-Open Saskatchewan Plan is implemented, the Government of Saskatchewan has created a number of posters for businesses to use that outline provincial health and safety guidelines. These informational posters can help communicate health and safety information to workers and customers and are available here.

Retail Guidelines and Best Practices for the Retail Sector

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Retail Council of Canada

To assist retailers in their reopening planning, Retail Council of Canada, in partnership with the Boston Consulting Group and retailers from across Canada, are leveraging global best practices for a diverse range of retail formats with the fundamental aim of ensuring a safe environment for employees and customers. Go to download.

Government of Saskatchewan

All businesses operating in Saskatchewan must be in compliance with these guidelines. Find the guidelines and other information here.


Oral Healthcare

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The College of Dental Surgeons of Saskatchewan has provided an interim protocol update. Find this and guidelines here.

Office Work Environments

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Office work environments vary and every workplace should implement a COVID-19 Team to create and implement guidelines for doing business.


Sample: Re-Opening an Office Environment

Guidelines for Re-Opening the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce Office

MLT Aikins


Addressing Employee Mental Health

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