Serving on our Board of Directors is a rewarding way to contribute to your community, build your public profile, make connections and enrich your resume!

The Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce has a board of 13 people including a Past Chair, Chair, 1st Vice Chair, 2nd Vice Chair and nine (9) Directors.

There are four (4) positions on the Board that are up for election in 2022 by members of the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce. This is the Formal Call for Nominations.

All positions are for a three-year term, to begin on May 1, 2022.

Member businesses can bring forward nominations for Directors by nominating individuals that are current members in good standing of the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce. No Director shall be a person whose primary source of income is from an association, non-profit, or chamber of commerce with the exception that a non-elected employee of a business operating in the open market for economic purposes owned by an Indigenous government is deemed eligible.

Election to the Board will be determined by the candidates that receive the most votes. Ballots will be sent to all member businesses, who will receive one vote per member organization.

The choice of who is nominated or voted for is entirely up to you as a member of the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce. However, as our Governance process has a goal of representing all segments of the membership on the Board of Directors, we ask that you consider the following:

  • Rural and northern geographic representation
  • Representation from varying business sectors: healthcare, agriculture, legal, hospitality, retail, technology, human resources, training
  • Diversity
  • Business owners
  • Previous governance board experience

The Board Directors with continuing terms for 2022-2023 are:

Thomas Benjoe, Past Chair, FHQ Developments, Regina
Evan Doepker, Chair, Doepker Industries Ltd., Annaheim
Jessica Theriault, 1st Vice Chair, Mosaic, Regina
Greg McIntyre, 2nd Vice Chair, RBC, Moose Jaw
Neha Jain, TAXI, Regina
Jason Moser, PFM Capital Inc., Regina
Khurrum Awan, Miller Thomson, Regina
Lenore Swystun, Prairie Wild Consulting, Saskatoon
Leanne Bellgarde, Akawe Technologies, Saskatoon

Some major duties as a Director to the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce include: attending Board meetings – held 6 times annually; participating on board committees; attending various events; and participation in the work of the Chamber. The selection of qualified people who have time to contribute to the Chamber is of vital importance, and we ask that you give due consideration to this fact in the nomination process. More information on the Chamber can be found at

Please submit your nomination using the form below. The deadline for nominations is March 23, 2022. 

Nomination Form

After the Nomination Committee has received and confirmed all nominations, the slate of candidates will be sent to each member’s primary representative along with the ballot containing information on the candidates during the week of March 30, 2022.

If you have any questions, please contact: Morgana van Niekerk at