Thought Leadership

The Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce Thought Leadership events are sessions where sharing challenges, solutions, pain-points and BIG ideas will be encouraged! Thought leadership is about tapping into your talents, experience and passion to answer the BIGGEST questions. These events are…

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Energy Series

The Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce Energy Series will provide information on the broad-based energy sector to members and the general public through a series of energy-themed events and communications in 2021. The Series will include two Energy Expert Fuel for…

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Federal Political Forum

The Federal Political Forum serves as a connector between members of the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce and federal government leaders. This event will take place for the first time in 2021.

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The ABEX Awards recognize that Saskatchewan is rich in stories of business successes. Even in challenging times, Saskatchewan has countless businesses worthy of recognition in every community in the province. Each year the awards program draws more than 800 Saskatchewan…

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Provincial Political Forum

Political Forum serves as a connector between Saskatchewan Chamber members and the province’s elected officials. Attendees can expect to connect with the Premier, key Ministers and Critics to discuss issues concerning Saskatchewan’s business community. Sponsoring Political Forum is a unique…

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