Congratulations! You have taken the first step in applying for the ABEX Awards – Saskatchewan’s largest and longest-running awards program that recognizes Achievement in Business Excellence!

The ABEX application process will be done entirely on this online platform. You can access your account as many times as you need to until the application deadline on June 28th, 2020.

As you work through the application, please remember to save your work before logging off. Any applications that are not complete and saved by the deadline will not be accepted.

Please upload any supporting documents, photos, letter of support, videos, etc. as you go through the application.

Please note: businesses who have won an ABEX award in the last three years, cannot re-apply for the same category in which they previously won an ABEX award. ABEX award winners can re-apply in a different category at any time. Businesses who received the Business of the Year Award cannot re-apply for any ABEX award for the next three years.

Please contact the ABEX team if you have any questions! or 306.781.3128.

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