NOMINATIONS for the 2017 ABEX Awards will open March 15th!

All private sector for profit businesses in Saskatchewan are eligible for an ABEX regardless of size or nature of economic activity. Current ABEX sponsors can not be an applicant of the ABEX Awards. A company may submit its own entry, or it may be sponsored by a third party. 

*All applicants will automatically be entered into the "Business of the Year" Category sponsored by David Aplin Group*

Benefits of being an ABEX Awards winner include:
  • Public recognition
  • Confirmation of their excellence in business
  • Benefits of province-wide recognition
  • The right to use the ABEX symbol in your advertising
To submit an ABEX Award nomination for your company, or another, complete the form(s) below for the category of your choosing.

What is a Safety Plan and why are you asking me for it?


New Venture Banner Template
The Achievement for Business Excellence Award for New Venture goes to a new business venture which has been in existence for 3 years or less and which has shown positive performance in terms of current or expected profitability, job creation and/or entry into new markets. Nominees are judged on financial criteria as well as the nature of the new venture and its impact on job creation and market expansion, also taking into account the relative size of the new venture. Please download both of the New Venture 2016 Forms: (Info document) (Nomination form)

Growth & Expansion Banner
The Achievement for Business Excellence Award for Growth and Expansion is given to a business that has made significant changes in their business resulting in "Growth" or "Expansion". Changes may relate to job creation and/or investment. Please download both of the Growth & Expansion 2016 Forms: (Info document)  (Nomination form)

Community Involvement
The Achievement for Business Excellence Award for Community Involvement goes to a business demonstrating exceptional performance in its support of the arts and culture, amateur sports, education, healthcare or voluntary groups.  Judging takes into account the relative size of the business.Greater consideration is given for involvement that is not an extension of the firm’s main business activities. Please download both of the Community Involvement 2016 Forms: (Info document) (Nomination form)

Innovation Awards 
The Achievement for Business Excellence Award for Innovation will be presented to a Saskatchewan business that demonstrates excellence in the utilization of an innovative product, technology or system which has tangibly contributed to improved sales and/or productivity. Judging takes into account the originality of the innovation and its impact. Please download both of the Innovation 2016 Forms:  (Info document) (Nomination form)

Export Award

The Achievement for Business Excellence Award for Exports goes to the business demonstrating exceptional performance in exporting Saskatchewan goods or services nationally or internationally.  Judging takes into account the relative size of the business and factors such as the increase in export sales or successful entry into new markets. Please download both of the Export 2016 Forms: (Info document)  (Nomination form)

Community Cornerstone

The Community Cornerstone Achievement for Business Excellence Award debuted in 2014. It celebrates a small enterprise which has a longstanding history within a community, while showing great pride in and support for the local community, and serving as an unofficial ambassador for it. These businesses exemplify the concept of corporate social responsibility and/or mentoring at the grassroots level, and have worked to make an impact in the greater business community. Because this is a different sort of category than the traditional ABEX Awards, and because of the anticipated diversity of the group of nominees, this will be the only ABEX ever to employ the power of community networks, using the general public to judge the winner via online voting, which will open in July. Please download both of the 2016 Community Cornerstone Award Forms: (Info document) (Nomination form)

Young Entrepreneur_copy
The Achievement for Business Excellence Award for Young Entrepreneur of the Year is awarded to an entrepreneur between the ages of 18-35 who has achieved success in the start-up and operation of a new or existing business.  Eligible candidates must offer a product and/or service; have served at least ten customers; have long-term goals, as well as strategies to meet those goals; and, have demonstrated innovation by adapting to market place challenges resulting in a competitive advantage. Special consideration will be given to entrepreneurs who have displayed an innovative approach. Please download both of the Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 Forms: (Info document) (Nomination form)

The Achievement for Business Excellence Award for Service goes to a business demonstrating exceptional performance in providing quality customer service (wholesale and retail trade, purchasing and distribution, transportation, brokering, professional services, communications, financial, etc.).  Judging considers the relative size and particular conditions of the business, as well as the growth potential, stability, investment strategy, and quality of customer service initiatives. Please download both of the Service 2016 Forms: (Info document) (Nomination form)

The Achievement for Business Excellence Award for Marketing is awarded to the business demonstrating exceptional performance in the execution of a successful marketing strategy. The jury evaluates the success of a marketing program giving consideration to the nature of the product and the relative size of the business. Please download both of the Marketing 2016 Forms: (Info document) (Nomination form)

Priority Focus
The Achievement for Business Excellence Priority Focus Award is presented to a Saskatchewan business which has gone above and beyond in demonstration of business excellence, in an area that mirrors a select Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce policy priority (priority to be selected by the Saskatchewan Chamber annually).
In 2016 the policy priority selected is Immigration. The award winner for 2016 will have demonstrated commitment and dedication to accommodate and welcome newcomers to this province in a variety of ways (volunteering, hiring, making changes to policy to accommodate cultural differences, etc.) Donations of time by staff, in-kind donations and monetary contributions are all considered. Please download both of the Priority Focus 2016 Forms: (Info document) (Nomination form)

Business Leader_copy
The Business Leader of the Year Award is chosen by a team of adjudicators. This award honours and recognizes the importance of strong leaders in business success.